Sue exudes confidence and professionalism and has really inspired me to take control of my health and wellbeing. Her calming nature instantly puts you at ease and her temperament means that her instructions and directions are easily understood. Sue brings fun and energy to her classes and really pushes her pupils to challenge themselves through her extensive knowledge of pilates. Since joining Sue’s class I feel fitter and happier and look forward to my weekly sessions.
— Zoe, Bristol

I have learned more about the way my body functions from a term’s worth of Pilates lessons with Sue than from four years of medical school.
— Gabrielle, Bristol

Clara is amazing! Everything about the process was explained and I felt safe as I knew I was among like minded people who we not in it just for personal gain but for each other’s success also.
— Peter, London and Bristol
I started with a dream to pursue what I love; Clara and The Actors’ Workshop helped me to get there. I have absolutely no doubt that without them I would have been completely clueless about the process and wouldn’t have gained the skills needed in order to get to drama school. I am forever in their debt.
— Dan, London

Jo jo is an incredible artist and a wonderfully patient teacher. I have learned so much!
— Didier, Paris

I have never had so much fun in my life, whilst also acquiring real skills in the craft of painting. Cannot recommend Jo highly enough! Just brilliant!
— Patrice, London