Join Susannah Conway, Meghan Genge & Sas Petherick
for a soul-filled retreat like no other!

In November 2014 we're gathering with 18 women in the autumnal splendour of Somerset, England, to reflect, renew and reconnect to our truest most powerful selves. We'll be exploring our own personal mythologies, learning tools to enrich and empower our lives, and nourishing our souls with friendship, delicious food and, above all else, fun!

Imagine... a gorgeous manor house deep in the English countryside. Sitting beside a roaring fire toasting crumpets. Connecting with the goddess in Glastonbury. Aromatherapy massages and gourmet food. The sisterhood that comes from sharing stories. Being truly looked after for five whole days.

It's going to be magical.

We'll open registration in early May 2014, so do join the mailing list to be the first to hear more about Unravel Your Story.